Advanced Tecnology

Quality, experience, competitiveness


More than 30 years of experience in the field

Since 1990, Seico has been working all over the WORLD in electro-instrumental plants, high-tech pneumatic plants and construction of tanks and blowing and control systems for air filtration plants. Seico guarantees a service in accordance with the latest technological standards in an area, ecology, which is developing…

A solution complete with components and accessories for dedusting and air filtration systems.

We supply components for bag and cartridge filtration systems that include diaphragm valves, piston valves, pilot boxes, air drying systems (Dryer) filter support systems etc.
We have invested in technologically advanced machinery and equipment to allow us to be completely autonomous in manufacturing and testing, we have invested in research in production and quality, our company can guarantee quality, performance and feasibility studies always at the forefront and in line with the advanced standards of the demands of the international market.

Our Certifications

Seico Impianti, provides a turnkey service, has a UNI EN ISO 9001 quality management certified system and is sensible to the safety of its employees and of the workplace, considering it an integral part of the general management of the company and for this reason has activated the Manual of the Management System of Health and Safety at Work. 

This is in the perspective of a continuous growth of the company and to ensure customers that each work is carried out in compliance with strict quality criteria. Seico electricians are certified according to CEI EN 501 10 for the execution of electrical work under voltage.

Company Policy for Quality

The philosophy of SEICO Impianti s.r.l. can be expressed through these four concepts:

advanced technology, experience, quality, competitiveness.

The above points shall be translated into objectives for which the organisation shall work in the context of its activity, considering and assessing the risks and opportunities to be addressed from time to time. The regulatory, legislative and customer requirements are the obligations to be respected to ensure the conformity of the product.
The skills of human resources are essential to carry out operational activities, as well as their updating. The outsourcing is one of the fundamental processes for the sharing and realization of the product.
Correction for problem solving is needed to face the causes. Communicating this policy, is the responsibility of the management, so that it is understood and applied by the entire internal organization, and at the same time is available to all stakeholders who collaborate in the production and use of the product.

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